On 26th - 28th April, WCT held their biggest event to date, the WCT6 World Championship, in Evry-Courcouronnes, France. The 3-day event was watched by more than 500k people online with a live attendance in excess of 5,000. The competition featured 22 of the Best Chase Tag teams from 10 different countries including the US, France, China, Morocco, Japan, and Brazil.

The Open Division was won by US team, Hollywood Freerunners, a California-based stunt agency run by renowned stunt performer and Parkour legend, Diddy Darnel. They comfortably topped their group then went on to beat fellow Americans, defending Champions and arch-rivals, Apex Moon in the Quarter Finals; French Champions and tournament favourites, Parkour 59 in the Semi-Finals; and, much to the disappointment of local fans, Lyon-based Kimeo in the Finals.

The event also crowned the first ever WCT Women’s Division World Champions, which went to French team Urban Corp Nano, from Toulouse. Their route to the final saw them beat US-based Pan-American Champions, Apex Nemesis, in the group stages and US Champions Kunoichi in the Final.

Evry-Courcouronnes is the birthplace of Parkour and Freerunning, and the city has made huge investments in helping grow Chase Tag in the area. Two days before the event, the city’s mayor, Stéphane Beaudet, officially opened the world’s first public outdoor WCT 12m Quad, providing an amazing opportunity for local Chase Tag teams to hone their skills.

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