World Chase Tag™ is the first and only global league for professional Competitive Tag.

The organization was responsible for creating a standardized competitive playing arena & set of rules formats which has allowed Chase Tag™ athletes from around the world to train & compete in international tournaments.   The most recent of these was WCT3, held in September 2018 in London featuring teams from Japan, Germany, France, USA and the UK.

The events have gained enormous interest from around the globe via social media platforms and WORLD CHASE TAG™ has supported the evolution & experimentations being developed via parkour gyms & clubs in each region to grow the game.

In 2019, WCT is able to work with international partners to licence the staging of official WCT events in countries & regions around the globe.    The goal over the next 12 months is for these regional events to act as qualifiers which earn the winning teams automatic entry into the WCT International events.



It was formed in 2011 by brothers Christian and Damien Devaux, after a game of Tag between Christian and his son, Orlando, in their back garden.  

 The guys set to work on designing the ultimate course dimensions & scale of obstacles in order to perfectly balance the chase between the Evader & Tagger.   This playing arena is known as The Quad.

 The Devaux Brothers staged extensive test sessions to experiment with the effect of changing small elements of each Quad design to measure how it impacted an athlete’s ability to evade a tag.  In doing so they were able to develop an ‘EQ’ calculation which, by adding or removing certain elements of any Quad design, could tweak the level of difficulty.   This has enabled them to create multiple Quad designs at a variety of sizes which can be adapted easily to switch between a professional competition standard, or to accommodate lesser abilities of amateurs & children while still delivering an evenly balanced chase.



The 12m square fixed perimeter Quad has become the world standard for official competitions.   But WCT is excited by the ways that fans around the world have created their own Quads using whatever elements they have at hand.   This creativity and viral assimilation extends Chase Tag’s™ gameplay into every school & gym allowing anyone to to find their own unique ‘place to chase’!

 Chase Tag™ has become an exciting new entry point for kids to engage in fitness & sport by inspiring them to create their own Quad from whatever space and obstacles they can find around them.   Indoors or outdoors, in a school playground or out on a farm, kids are inventively creating their own unique quads and rediscovering the simple game of tag – everyone knows the rules & anyone can play.



WCT have hosted events and meet-ups around the world and footage of their events has received more than 350 million views online. They have featured on numerous TV networks including ESPN, BBC, NBC, Fuji TV, NHK and Fox Sports; and their events have been contested by the biggest names in Parkour, Freerunning and Ninja Warrior.



 If you wish to stage your own Chase Tag™ event, there are a variety of levels in which WCT can support, from an exhibition status, through to a recognized WCT tournament with official status as part of the WORLD CHASE TAG™ league, or even on a sufficient scale to become an official ‘Qualifying Event’ for future WCT Internationals.


WCT own the patent to the Chase Tag™ Timing System. Their standardised and copyrighted rules and formats are used by WCT affiliate organisations in countries around the world, including France, India, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, Canada, the USA and Columbia.


The WCT custom built 12m x 12m Quad is an integral part of the sport and has been co-designed and tested by some of the best Parkour athletes and Ninja Warrior competitors. Over the past four years (during the 8 events and countless research and test sessions) it has evolved into the perfect arena to create some of the most exciting, compelling and original sporting content.


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