The first and only global league for competitive tag

World Chase Tag® was formed by Christian Devaux in 2012 after a game of Tag with his son in their back garden. A year later, he was joined by his brother, Damien, and together they set about turning the oldest game into the newest sport. From organising casual meet-ups in Hyde Park, within a few years they were hosting international competitions with some of the world's best Parkour athletes and Ninja Warrior competitors. In 2020, they teamed up with Tupelo Honey CEO, Cary Glotzer, who, together with Gray TV, became equity partners in World Chase Tag®. 

World Chase Tag® is responsible for creating a standardised competitive playing arena & set of rules / formats which has allows athletes from around the world to train & compete in international competitions.

World Chase Tag® (WCT) events are divided into three tiers - National Championships, Continental Championships and World Championships. In 2021, WCT hosted National Championships in the US, China and the UK, which act as qualifier tournaments for the upcoming World Championship (WCT5) which will be held in London in June 2022.

International Competitions

The competitions have gained enormous interest from around the globe via social media platforms and WORLD CHASE TAG® has supported the evolution being developed via parkour gyms & clubs in each region to grow the game.

Since 2017, WCT has been working with international partners to licence the staging of official WCT competitions in countries & regions around the globe. The goal over the next 12 months is for these regional events to act as qualifiers which earn the winning teams automatic entry into the WCT International events.

Currently, both male and female athletes compete together in a single unified league.