We’ve locked in our 16th and final team for the upcoming WCT6 World Championship, Generation Z from Morocco!

They’ll be making history at the WCT6 World Championship as the first African team competing in World Chase Tag. They’ve been training with Thomas Bene from West Coast Family who finished 4th at WCT6 France and hope to inspire their local community in Morocco!

So now we have all 16 Open League teams locked in for the World Championship which will be hosted at Les Arenes in Evry-Courcouronnes, France on April 26th-28th let’s look at all the teams:

Apex Moon – USA

Hollywood Freerunners - USA

Parkour59 – France

Kimeo – France


Fata Moragan – Israel

Dexterity Depot – USA

APK Blue – USA

Eco Threads – UK

Overground – Switzerland

Voltz – Brazil

Urban Corp Mamba – France

Parkour Man – China

Space Monkey Fight Club – Japan

Quality Movement – Sweden

Generation Z - Morocco

With teams from 10 different countries this is truly going to be the most international World Championship World Chase Tag has ever had!


If you’d like to find out more about the upcoming WCT6 World Championship, checkout our event page here.

Tickets for the WCT6 World Championship are available now!