The Storror Chase Off™ - Highlights 1

January 4, 2017

“The Storror Chase Off™” took place at Trinity Buoy Wharf on 18 December 2016 and featured 4 teams in a tournament style chase off.


The first Semi Final was Storror .v. Marrero Gang in a single set, 16-chase match, which ended with Marrero Gang taking the win 2-0.

The second Semi Final was The Untouchables .v. Fade and in the dramatic final chase of the set, Teige Mathews-Palmer managed to squeeze out an evasion to give Fade a 1-0 victory.

The final was contested by Merraro Gang .v. Fade in a best of 3-sets match with each set consisting of 10 chases. The first set saw Fade take first blood, but Marrero Gang came back to win the set 2-1. The second set ended in a nervous 0-0 draw and in the second round of the tie-break Merraro Gang claimed victory to win the match 2 sets to 0.

For more info on the rules of Team Chase Off™ see

The teams competing were as follows:


Greg Ball -

James Kirsop Maine -

Daniel Ilabaca -

Chris Zarkadoulas -

Kieren Owen (Manager)



Toby Segar -

Benj Cave -

Callum Powell -

Sacha Powell -

Giles Campbell-Longley (Manager) -



Joseph Henderson -

Thibault Bain -

Orlando Devaux -

Alex Stekliannykov -



Jai Battrick -

Teige Matthews-Palmer -

Joe Thampson

Alex Witchell


A special thanks to;

The Referees – Alex Potts

and Ronnie Brivinskas

for keeping the athletes in check.

MC / Announcer - James Thorne -

Commentators – Jason Matten -

And Damien Devaux -


And a big thanks to the following for their work in providing additional support;

Marco Mead – Production Manager


Amy Fraser – Event Manager -

 Josh Anderson – Technical Stuff -

Nathaniel Berger – Technical Stuff


Audio Mixer – John Bryne

Video Mixer – Mike Miles

Cameras – Rob Murray, Sam Hilton and Dom Mortimer.

Additional Cameras – Reece Chapman, Chris Thompson & Joe Parker

Sarah Hewson – Trinity Buoy Wharf -

Ben Fitzgerald-O’Connor (Onega Ltd) – IT Support

 Lighting – Stewart & Nigel at STL Lighting -

Simon Colbran – Bar, The Royal Retreat, Tunbridge Wells -

Jordan – Food, Fat Boy’s Diner



iProSport -  The Natural Choice of Isotonic Sports Drink -

EQ Nutrition – High Quality Supplements / Protein Nutrition -

BlockHead Energy – Compressed Energy Gum -

TheOcho - dedicated to seldom seen and 'obscure' sports -

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