India Chase Off™ - Jaipur

August 3, 2016


This is the first instalment of our special of World Chase Tag™ from India and this time we’re in Jaipur featuring parkour athletes Vishal Kansara and Shiv Patel from the group - TFA, Tekken Force Ahmedabad.


To view them on You Tube and Instagram, click on the links below:

The format is a one-on-one Chase Off™ that lasts for 10 rounds.

Each round consists of 2x 20-second games with alternating Chasers.

You get one point for a tag and one point for winning the round.

The most points after 10 rounds wins.

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This Chase Tag™ Meetup was shot entirely using a Go Pro 4 and a Feiyu G4 gimbal for smooth recording. For more Go Pro stuff check out their channel

Feiyu also have their own channel at

If you know any spots that you think would make for a great game of Chase Tag™, please do not hesitate to leave your comment below and we’ll get in touch and get it on.

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